Confirmation at Polk City UMC

We have planned what we hope will be an engaging and meaningful confirmation experience for our 2023-24 confirmation class. Our focus for confirmation is to grow as disciples.

As disciples of Jesus:

We belong in community!
We will be building relationships with each other. Each session we will also invite an adult from our congregation to share something about their faith with the class to get to know others in our congregation and hear diverse faith stories.

We become more like Jesus!
Throughout our time together, our lessons will engage the following questions:
What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?
Who is God/Jesus/Holy Spirit? 
What is the bible and how do we read it?
What are the Sacraments? 
What is worship? 
What is grace?
How does our faith speak to issues of our world?
What are my gifts and how am I able to use them as an expression of my faith?
What does it mean to be a member of a church/the Church?

Our hope is that we won’t merely learn about God, but that we will experience God as we grow to be more like Jesus. To this end, we will be introducing a variety of spiritual practices and encouraging each other to try them out.

We bless all of creation!
Deep in the DNA of Polk City UMC is a call to mission, to serve those outside of our walls. Each week we will close our time together with a question to ponder. How will I be a blessing this week? Confirmands will reflect on ways they have been a blessing to others through service.

Confirmation is not the end of the road, but an exciting new beginning of a life of faith in Christ, lived out in ways as unique as each individual. We could never teach everything our youth will need to know about faith in 12 sessions of class! (Pastor Wendy has graduated from seminary, and she is still learning!) Our hope is that we might stir interest and initiate a life-long faith journey as disciples of Jesus. Reach out to Pastor Wendy if you have questions.

Confirmation Schedule

September 2023
Sunday, Sept 17 • 10:30am: Session 1
Sunday, Sept 24 • 10:30am: Session 2

October 2023
Sunday, Oct 8 • 10:30am: Session 3
Sunday, Oct 22 • 10:30am: Session 4
Friday, Oct 27: Tour of Faith Schedule to come

Sunday, Nov 5 • 10:30am:  Session 5
Sunday, Nov 12 • 10:30am: Session 6

December 2023
Sunday, Dec 3 • 10:30am: Session 7

January 2024
Sunday, Jan 7 • 10:30am: Session 8
Sunday, Jan 28 • 10:30am: Session 9

February 2024
Sunday, Feb 4 • 10:30am: Session 10

March 2024
With Spring break, Youth Group Pie Auction, and Holy Week/Easter, we will not meet in March. 

April 2024
Sunday, April 7 • 10:30am: Session 11
Sunday, April 14: Confirmation Sunday! 9:30am

Confirmation Lessons